Alla Dmitrieva
Alla Dmitrieva

NOS Literary Awards

Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation
UX, UI, Web Designer

NOS is the annual literary awards established in 2009 and granted by the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation. Generally conferred in February these prizes and awards celebrate the most outstanding authors and literary works of the year.

The awards have a timetable mapped out throughout the year, which concludes with the final presentation in February. The process of nomination, voting and awarding is open and transparent, with the online readers’ choice election and the public debates on nominees and winner elections.

Original State

The foundation’s official site informs readers on its current activities, granted projects, terms and conditions, constituent documents, online library of the nominated books. The site is a large and consistent base of knowledge.

The other public channel is social media, with 8K followers on Facebook, 1,5K on Instagram, and 3,5K on Vkontakte. The foundation’s social media is a place for daily activity: news, announcements, tickets, photo and video updates.

The Challenge

  • To distinguish NOS as an individual project.

  • To incorporate consistency and continuity of the foundation’s official site and agility of the social media.

The audience is of various ages, with a lot of young authors and readers.

Site Requirements

  • Modern and fresh look and feel

  • Desktop-first, but responsive and mobile-friendly

  • Logical, easy to use

  • Clear and concise presentation of content

  • Flexible, customizable for multiple timetable stages


  • Live stream of the final presentation

  • Transparent election process

  • Switchable blocks of content


  • Client’s references: Prosvetitel Literary Awards, Bookmate Literary Awards.

  • Related references: movie awards, talent awards.

User Profiles

Based on the client’s input the audience is divided to:

  • Readers, who want to know the nominees and winners of the awards

  • Voters, who want to influence elections

  • Writers (and publishers), who want to be accurately represented

  • Press, who want to get latest updates and media materials

Site Map

  • Homepage

  • Nominated books

  • News and updates

  • Jury members

  • Terms and rules

  • Contact information

The site has a simple structure, most of the pages are linked to the homepage sections.


At the first stage of the awards the site needs to:

  • Present the winners and nominees of the previous year

  • Show contact information and terms of the awards for the applicants

  • Display the timetable of events

  • Post the updates on the new season of awards

Whereas at the final stage the site needs to:

  • Emphasize the nominees shortlist

  • Present the jury members and the experts

  • Display information on the place, date and time of the final presentation

  • Stream the final presentation on the homepage

  • Show the terms of the awards for readers and spectators

  • Post the updates on the final stage of the awards

Interactive Prototype

The prototype was developed on the Webflow platform. After the client’s revisions I started working on the interface design.

Color Scheme

The homepage was designed in three bright color schemes, which were reviewed by the client.

The main page is flexible, consisting of moveable content blocks: Nominees, Jury, News.

UI Design

Based on the prototype and the client's, feedback I designed the site's desktop interface.


I designed the desktop version using the chosen platform, tested it with the client, and went on to adapt it for mobile devices. The NOS site pages is mobile and tablet-friendly and optimised for fast loading on cellular networks.

Responsive Layout

All pages are mobile- and tablet-friendly and optimised for fast loading.


The users can visit the foundation’s online library to read the nominated books. However, the loading time for each book was too much even for desktop experience (over 20s on average). Around half of the site's users visited in on their mobile devices, and accessing the online library on mobile could slow down or crash the device, so the library links were temporarily disabled.

Yet, we had to understand how many of our users were actually accessing the library from the NOS site. With Google analytics we were gathering data on clicks per user for one week, and it turned out that 20% of our desktop users and 32% of the mobile users tried to access the foundation's library from our site.


  • We put the library links back on the site, but for mobile devices the target links were replaced by the library sign-in screen.

  • We advised the client to upgrade the library service, or forward the users to alternative subscription services.


The site is accessible from major mobile devices, is fully customizable, with switchable content blocks, and is optimized for faster mobile experiences. The main page is flexible, consisting of switchable content blocks.
The NOS site is accessible from most mobile devices, is fully customizable, with switchable content blocks, and is optimized for faster mobile experiences.

What’s Next

The first stage of the 2018 awards season started in March by opening submission for applications.

The homepage layout was shuffled so some sections were hidden and others were switched on. Other blocks and sections for different stages are already designed and just need to be switched on with the updated content.