Alla Dmitrieva
Alla Dmitrieva

Hello! This is Alla.

I'm a product designer obsessed with structure and process design. Currently, I'm based in Moscow, Russia. Check out my latest works UX and product design.

NOS Literary Awards

In January 2018, I designed and developed a mini-site for the annual NOS Awards granted by the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.


In 2017, I designed’s integration with, the mobile-first C2C marketplace. The new Auto.youla was launched in December 2017.

In 2016 and 2017, I designed user experience and interface at, Russia's #4 car classifieds website.

Theatrical Syndrome

In May 2017, I designed a promotional page for Theatrical Syndrome, the annual festival organised by the Prokhorov Foundation.

KRYAKK Book Fair

In October 2017, I designed and developed an interactive event program for the KRYAKK book fair and festival organised by the Prokhorov Foundation.

Marine Expeditions

In April 2016, I designed a promotional site for the Marine Expeditions project. The expedition has started in July 2017 and is about to finish in 2020.

Bellini Delivery

In October 2015, I designed a website for the Bellini Delivery service that unified eight restaurants of one brand in a seamless experience.