Alla Dmitrieva
Alla Dmitrieva

Hello! This is Alla.

I'm an operations designer obsessed with structure and process design. Currently, I'm based in Moscow, Russia. Check out my latest works on product and UX design.

NOS Literary Awards

In January 2018, I designed and developed a mini-site for the annual NOS Awards granted by the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.


In 2017, I designed’s integration with, the mobile-first C2C marketplace. The new Auto.youla was launched in December 2017.

In 2016 and 2017, I designed user experience and interface at, Russia's #4 car classifieds website.

Theatrical Syndrome

In May 2017, I designed a promotional page for Theatrical Syndrome, the annual festival organised by the Prokhorov Foundation.

KRYAKK Book Fair

In October 2017, I designed and developed an interactive event program for the KRYAKK book fair and festival organised by the Prokhorov Foundation.

Marine Expeditions

In April 2016, I designed a promotional site for the Marine Expeditions project. The expedition has started in July 2017 and is about to finish in 2020.

Bellini Delivery

In October 2015, I designed a website for the Bellini Delivery service that unified eight restaurants of one brand in a seamless experience.